Austin botox injection

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Botox injections have jeopardized other cosmetic procedures concerning popularity. The procedure had its origins in the 70s as it earned FDA approval in treating specific medical conditions. In 2001 alone, more than 1.6 million people opted to take Botox cosmetic therapy and by 2002, Botox gained FDA approval in cutting glabellar skin creases after clinical trials showed that it was safe and effective to use for up to 4 weeks.

Is it worth the effort? This sort of anti-wrinkle treatment wouldn’t have lasted so long and patronized by so many if this was not correct. Botox has achieved spectacular success since it does exactly what it promises to perform at a reasonable price with manageable side effects. While it is not cheap, it’s certainly below the expense of invasive cosmetic surgery. Bear in mind that this works best on people with light skin creases or suffer premature facial wrinkles.Unfortunately, its Effects don’t last very long, typically under 6 weeks. You will need to find another Botox session with your dermatologist as frequently as needed to keep a wrinkle-free face. This raises some concerns about its security with repeated injections over long intervals. However, the process has shown any such concerns don’t have any basis.

Austin botox injection is a Toxin that works by paralyzing wrinkle-causing muscles beneath the skin. This prevents the muscles to contract and make skin depressions that form those unwanted creases and lines. Small amounts of sterile, sterile Botox are injected directly into those muscle groups in which the cavities form.Because the injected Toxin is localized, it doesn’t affect adjoining skin muscles. Additionally, it doesn’t have any negative impact on adjacent nerves so that the probability of creating botulism is next to nothing. Even with long term usage, clinical studies have shown that repeated small amounts of Botox pose no harm. Just know that time will come when severe skin lumps with progress age will not gain from the procedure. That is when a surgical face lift becomes the more appropriate solution.You should know that there have also been reported side effects such as tingling, mild bruising, swelling or a burning sensation when undergoing treatment. However, these can easily be prevented by putting ice on the skin area before injection or alleviated by exactly the exact same ice application after the therapy.

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